The Enterprise Wireless Alliance delivers services to its members and clients that address complex spectrum issues. EWA experts can advise your organization on the most efficient spectrum and system requirements for your voice or data project. Rely on EWA for the licensing and frequency selection recommendations to ensure your successful deployment. EWA has the experience and contacts to guide you through the policy and regulatory environment involving spectrum resources.

Below are the most commonly sought services from EWA. A schedule of all services from EWA may also be found in the Resources section of this site.  Contact us for more information.

Services FAQ

Filing Assistance

Trusted by more wireless sales and service providers and major enterprises than any frequency coordinator, EWA offers frequency selection and FCC application processing services for Industrial/Business and Public Safety in the 30 to 900 MHz bands. We develop and verify Public Safety and Industrial/Business license applications, from FCC Registration to the Required Construction Notification.

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License Management

Don’t miss a critical deadline for construction or renewal of your licensed system(s) and those of your customers. Avoid FCC compliance issues by allowing EWA to manage the required filings. 

With License Management from EWA, you receive:

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Mapping & Research

Need supporting documentation for your unique requirements? Let EWA help you prepare contour plots, terrain models, studies, and more.

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Reporting Services

Curious who's been licensed in your market area? A sales prospect or competitor, perhaps? Want to know if a newly licensed system might interfere with you or your customers' system? What about exclusive channels (FB8's) - would you like to be notified when they become available?

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Other Services

EWA offers a range of services for private wireless systems, including spectrum leasing and acquisition, engineering services, and interference resolution.

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EWA Connect

Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

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Private Broadband Solutions

Private Broadband Solutions is a service from EWA, designed to support members implementing or assisting their customers with initiating broadband and private LTE networks.

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License Administration

Protect your valuable FCC license assets with License Administration from EWA.  Subscribe to one or both License Administration services and free your time to do what you do best: run your business.

License Administration services are available exclusively to EWA members.

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License Bank

Track and protect your FCC licenses while giving staff the ability to produce Official Copies when needed. License Bank™ is ideal for an organization with a dispersed workforce that requires read-only access to your licensing information.

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Spectrum Intel

Transform weekly activity reports into fresh sales prospects and stay ahead of the competition with advanced search tools.  Protect your customers’ spectrum and system investments, and analyze the impact of incumbent and applicant channel use.

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