Reporting Services

Stay on Top of Your Market with Reporting Services from EWA!

Want to know who has been licensed in your market area? Whether a newly licensed system might interfere with you or your customers' system? When an exclusive channels (FB8s) has become available in your area? What actions to take to keep your (and your customers') FCC licenses current and in compliance?

With reporting services from EWA, you recieve the information you need to track changes in your market area(s), capitalize on opportunities, protect your customers' systems, remain in compliance with the FCC, and more!

Spectrum Intel

Receive actionable intel about FCC spectrum licensing. Conduct fast, powerful searches and analyze spectrum use nationwide. Stay ahead of the competition with timely intel and advanced search tools. Protect your and your customers’ spectrum and system investments.

Monthly analysis identifying the availability of exclusive UHF, VHF ( not including T-Band), 800 MHz, or 900 MHz channels on three specific sites of your choice. EWA will file your application with the FCC to secure any of the identified exclusive channels upon request. What is the value of an exclusive channel to your business?