Calculation of height above average terrain (HAAT) requires input of the coordinates of a specific location, the height of the antenna, and the ground elevation. EWA can automatically calculate the elevation based on geophysical data from industry sources, but you are welcome to provide specific input if you have it. You may further specify the number of radials upon which HAAT is calculated (use 8 unless you have other specific requirements).

An accurate location can only be determined if you are using a wireless network.
  • Latitude:
  • Longitude:
Example: 41.02987
Example: -92.59838 (All Longitude values in the U.S. are negative.)
Please select a location on the map below. You may zoom in/out and click and hold to drag the map
Ground elevation. If left blank, elevation will be calculated from coordinates.
Available Radials

This map displays the coordinates you have provided.