Interference Resolution

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance can assist licensees in the preliminary investigation of reports of radio signal interference in the Industrial/Business radio bands under a Memorandum of Understanding with the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission is currently the only agency that has authority to take enforcement action against any entity causing harmful interference.

You Are Licensed On Shared Spectrum

In accordance with FCC Rules and Regulations, 90.173 (a) & (b), Land Mobile frequencies are assigned on a shared basis only, unless specifically indicated otherwise. As such, it is not unusual to hear other licensees on your channel. Since most frequencies are assigned on this “shared basis,” what is often perceived as interference is actually a case of routine co-channel sharing. All applicants and licensees must cooperate in the use of frequencies in order to reduce interference and make the most effective use of the authorized facilities. 

I Know Who Is Interfering With Me; What Do I Do?

Licensees should attempt to resolve instances of interference directly before contacting EWA. If you believe you know who is interfering with your system, contact them, determine if they are the source and if so, work to resolve the problem. If that attempt is unsuccessful, please contact EWA.

If you need assistance in identifying the licensee that may be responsible, EWA can provide you with a list of adjacent and co-channel licensees in your area. EWA will complete a 120 Kms (75 miles) search of the licensees within your licensed area of operation. The search results provided to you will include the frequency, licensee name, call sign, and distance from your site. EWA’s Co-Channel User Report is $100. To request the Co-Channel User Report, use EWA's Interference Resolution Report

With the report you can now contact the responsible person at the interfering station to resolve the interference. 

Interference Mediation

If you are unable to resolve the matter directly EWA will contact the identified party to assist in the mediation of the interference. However, after EWA’s mediation it may be necessary to refer the case to the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau for resolution.

EWA’s fee for Interference Mediation is $495.You can request EWA’s assistance by completing the Interference Resolution Report with the required information and payment of the fee.

After review, EWA will act as a mediator between the offending licensee and you to determine a course of action to eliminate or minimize the interference. EWA will provide a report of the actions taken and of the final resolution of the interference. Again, the final course of action could be the referral of the interference case to the FCC Enforcement Bureau.

Interference From An Unknown Source

When you experience interference that is some form of data or is a licensee whose identity cannot be identified through the Co-Channel User Report you can request EWA to assist in identifying the source.

You can request EWA’s assistance by completing the Interference Resolution Report with all the information you have researched on the interfering signal, and submit the form to EWA. EWA will review the form, complete an analysis of the information you have provided and will conduct a review of the licensees within 120 Kms (75 miles) of the area of operation on your license. When EWA has determined that the interfering station cannot be identified or it is determined to be an unlicensed user EWA will forward the report to the FCC Enforcement Bureau for their action. EWA’s fee for this type of Interference mediation is $495.

Know Your Spectrum Area of Operation

EWA will work with you on the resolution of your interference. It is beneficial that upon receiving your license that you determine who is licensed within your area of operation. There are many types of licensed land mobile radio systems comprised of voice, data and a combination of both. The more you know about who is operating within your spectrum environment the easier it is to determine a source of interference and resolve it. Call EWA at 1-800-482-8282 to discuss your issue.