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Build your Sales Prospect List

Spectrum Intel takes FCC licensing data and translates it into usable, actionable information that sales teams can use to find and qualify prospects.

Weekly reports provide information about public safety and business/industrial license activity, including:

  • New and modified licenses
  • Expired, terminated, and canceled licenses
  • Renewals and buildouts due
  • See licenses due to expire or those recently terminated or canceled - for monitoring potential new spectrum availability.

These activities are indicators of potential equipment or service contract opportunities.

Sales Managers – Automate your lead process
Salespeople – Easily access new prospects

Weekly reports can be uploaded into your CRM to give your sales team valuable information for an innovative lead generation solution.

Save Time, Automate Prospecting

Using the latest search and analysis tools, Spectrum Intel will reduce your time spent searching the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS), and it will automatically deliver weekly reports, customized to your market area.

Search and receive reports based on your detailed selected geographic area, and adjust it as often as you like. Or search nationwide on a case-by-case basis. No need to settle for simple county searches.

Access Market Intelligence and Enhance your Customer Service

In addition to weekly reports, Spectrum Intel offers robust online ULS query tools to customize searches in your area or nationwide. Search across common ULS fields, including licensee name, FCC registration number or call sign, frequencies, emission designator codes, license status, contact information, and more. Transform raw data into actionable information. You can see where competitive products are being sold, spot potential system interference, and uncover potential sales leads.

  • Research and report on dozens of key parameters, with on-demand reporting.
  • Competitive intelligence makes it easy to address customer issues like interference before they become a problem.

On-demand reporting capabilities allow you to do co-channel and adjacent channel analyses to reveal potential interference issues.

Deliver Proactive Customer Service

Take action to protect your company’s or your customers' radio systems. Address interference issues before they disrupt critical operations.

Search by construction build­ out dates to get ahead of and address a customer's need for licensing assistance, further enhancing your value as a trusted partner. With custom searches, the call signs and ULS file numbers are hyperlinked directly to the FCC ULS website, for convenient and in-depth research.

Introductory Pricing

$1,200/year for one market area. Additional areas $600/year.

Spectrum Intel is eligible per manufacturer co-op programs, up to 100%.

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