Schedule of Services

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License Application Review/Preparation/Verification/Filing

(Exclusive of FCC Filing Fees, where applicable)

EWA Member Fee Non-member Fee
FCC Form 601 Preparation/Data Verification/Application $205 275
FCC Form 603 Preparation (per application) 350 450
FCC Form 608 Preparation 350 450
FAA Form 7460-1 Preparation/Site  350 450
Antenna Structure Registration/Filing  350 450
700 MHz Spectrum (CAPRAD)  Quoted
New/Reset FRN/ULS Password 75 100
System Licensing/Call Sign 300 300
Construction Notice/Call Sign 125 175
Construction Notice - Waiver & Expedite or Petition for Reconsideration 400 500
License Renewal/Call Sign 125 175
License Renewal/Call Sign, with Waiver & Expedite 400 500
Other Waiver Preparation/Application 500 1,000
Update ULS/Call Sign 125 175
Application Cancellation (Return from EWA without action) 150
License/Call Sign Cancellation 150
Special Temporary Authorization 350 450
Licensing for other FCC Radio Services (Marine, Experimental, etc.) Quoted

Frequency Coordination/Certification

(Exclusive of FCC Filing Fees, where applicable)

New/Modified Frequency or Pair/Site at 30-470 MHz 195
New/Modified Frequency or Pair/Site at 470-512 MHz 275
New/Modified Frequency or Pair/Site at 800 MHz 350
New/Modified Frequency or Pair/Site at 900 MHz 300
Mobile Only System/5-Channel Increments 135
Public Safety Frequency Coordination Quoted
Interservice Concurrence/CII/Public Safety Quoted
Multiple Address/Master Station at 952/928 & 956 MHz 350 450
Multiple Address/Master Station at 1.4 GHz 350 450
National Broadband License at 3.65 GHz 275 300
FCC Transponder Registration/Site at 3.65 GHz 175 185
Application Cancellation 150 150

Spectrum Research/Planning/Acquisition/Protection

(Exclusive of FCC Filing Fees, where applicable)

EWA Member Fee Non-member Fee
Research by Spectrum Advisor/hour (one hour minimum) 150 175
Exclusive Frequency Availability/Site/Analysis 275 375
Exclusive Frequency Availability/3 Sites - Annual Subscription 1,000 2,000
Terrain Contour Plot, R6602 (per contour plot) 150 250
Terrain Path Study, Longley-Rice (per path) 275 375
TSB-88 Adjacent Channel Study/Site/Analysis at T-Band 175 275
Exclusive/Shared Spectrum Availability Analyses/Band Quoted
Spectrum Lease or Acquisition/Sales Quoted
Spectrum Intel™ - for sales leads and spectrum research


(Plus $600/year for each additional market area)


FCC Filing and Regulatory Fees

(Exclusive of preparation, verification, coordination and other EWA changes)

New Licenses at 30-470 MHz  205
License Renewals at 30-470 MHz  135
License Renewal with Minor Modification at 30-470 MHz 135
License Renewal with Major Modification at 30-470 MHz 240
New Licenses at 470-900 MHz  355
License Renewals at 470-900 MHz  285
License Renewal with Minor Modification at 470-900 MHz 285
License Renewal with Major Modification at 470-900 MHz 390
Major License Modifications at 30-900 MHz  105
Requests for Waiver  425
Extension Request 50
Special Temporary Authority 150
Assignments/Transfer of Control--first call sign 50
Assignments/Transfer of Control--each subsequent call sign (limit 10 per application) 35

Cevo® Fees 

(Exclusive of customary preparation, verification, coordination, and FCC fees)

Create Cevo Account, Initiate Applications, Use Tools No charge
Cevo Express Service Level or Hand Over to EWA 205 275
Cevo Solo: your data entry in accordance with FCC rules No charge
Cevo Pro: view incumbents, select frequencies, take control 105 210
Cevo Go®: mobile app or online, frequencies in minutes All-inclusive

License Administration Services

EWA Member Fee Non-member Fee
Basic License Summary Report 150 300 
Detailed License Review/Summary Report/Call Sign 50 100
Full License Management/Call Sign/Year  $5/Call Sign  ($250 min) $10/Call Sign ($500 min)
License Bank™ (one-time implementation fee applies) $2-4/Call Sign N/A

Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center® and Advisory Services

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