Private Carrier Operator

Open to any organization that primarily manages its own radio network, and provides private or commercial communications services.

Membership benefits include:

  • Membership in EWA is covered by some radio manufacturer co-op programs;
  • EWA compliance assistance service streamlines your FCC and federal filings such as the CPNI, FCC Form 477 and annual regulatory fees;
  • Spectrum consulting for effective spectrum deployment, by reviewing your business and your customers' licenses to facilitate their upgrade to a new system and avoid penalties;
  • Member savings on fees for spectrum consulting, license preparation and frequency coordination services;
  • Participate in EWA's bi-weekly Regulatory Teleconference;
  • The Enterprise Wireless Insider® e-newsletter with information on FCC enforcement and regulatory actions;
  • Receive special pricing when you participate in the Wireless Solutions Center® buyer's guide;
  • Reduced registration rates for the annual Wireless Leadership Summit, and more!