Cevo FAQs

What is Cevo? For what can I use it?

Cevo is your online portal for working with the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA). You may submit FCC Form 601 and other frequency coordination and licensing requirements for private land mobile radio service. There are Cevo tools at your disposal, just like those used by EWA frequency coordination staff. Also, you can use Cevo to join EWA or renew your membership and subscribe to EWA services like Premier Reporting and License Management. Cevo is integrated with EWA’s website, so you may also visit the site to search for and review information about EWA’s advocacy, services, education, media, job board, buyer’s guide, and other valuable member services.

Who can use Cevo?

Anyone wishing to do business with EWA may register for a Cevo account, including members and non-members of the trade association. EWA reserves the right to cancel any accounts not established for this purpose.

I just registered for my Cevo account. How do I get started?

First decide what you want to do in Cevo - your choices are available from the top-right Services tab. The most common services are found in the gray horizontal band under “Get Started,” or scroll down the page to select other services. You may browse the site to learn about EWA’s services, and must be logged in to make a purchase or take advantage of member-only resources. 

What is the purpose of the “Hand Over To EWA” button?

Think of the “Hand Over To EWA” button as the “I’m done” button, available to users working on an FCC Filing via the Cevo Wizard. Hand Over your application to EWA if you’ve provided as much information as possible, but don’t have everything, and you would like an EWA Spectrum Advisor to fully complete the application in accordance with FCC rules, plus also perform frequency coordination and application submittal to the FCC. This is the same service selection as Cevo Express.

What is the cost to use Cevo?

There is no cost to register for a Cevo account, use the Cevo Tools or enter FCC application data; however, once you engage EWA to perform a service, e.g., application preparation or frequency coordination, customary fees apply, and a fee schedule is available online. For any service you request through Cevo, you’ll be taken through a "checkout" process where you’ll verify items/services and costs in your cart prior to specifying your payment method. Charges to your credit card or invoice will be applied after an EWA Spectrum Analyst completes the requested service.

For an FCC Filing (an application for frequency coordination) I’m working on in Cevo, what are the costs? 

There are two areas of possible cost for an FCC Filing in Cevo: ordinary frequency coordination fees, and the level of service you require from EWA. Where allowed by the FCC, certain services are discounted for EWA members, and a fee schedule is available online. Frequency Coordination, including FCC filing fees may be found in our fee schedule. The Service Selection, which you’ll see prior to initiating a filing, and also on the last Step of your filing, is decided by you, and the choices are:

  1. Cevo Express: you have provided some information about your requirements, but you would like EWA to fully complete your application and verify all data is accurate prior to our frequency coordination and transmittal of the application to the FCC. A short cut to Cevo Express is to tap the “Hand Over To EWA” button on any page of your application. See the online fee schedule.
  2. Cevo Solo: you have completed the application in its entirety and attest to its accuracy. EWA will provide frequency coordination prior to transmittal of the application to the FCC. There is no charge to go Solo, but ordinary frequency coordination and FCC fees do apply.
  3. Cevo Pro: as with Cevo Solo, you have completed your application accurately, but would additionally like to directly participate in the coordination process. From your Cevo dashboard, you’ll select the “Coordinate” button, and have access to many of the same analysis capabilities as EWA Spectrum Analysts, e.g., analyzing incumbents, running different scenarios, and ultimately selecting the best available frequency(s). A tip: select the frequency with the least cumulative overlap! EWA will expertly certify your application and transmit it to the FCC. See the online fee schedule.

I  have all the necessary information to complete an application in Cevo by myself. Will I be charged? 

If you are working through the Cevo Wizard, and you’ve completed all fields accurately, and there are no yellow triangles indicating missing data, then you may click “Cevo Solo” on the Service Selection screen, to submit your application to EWA for frequency coordination. There will be no application preparation fee as long as all fields are completed correctly and accurately in accordance with FCC rules. Note that all required fields are highlighted in red. If you would like to additionally participate in the selection of frequencies, through research of incumbent licensing data and use EWA’s cumulative overlap analysis to find the best frequency, select Cevo Pro.

What forms of payment are acceptable in Cevo?

All transactions can be accomplished via major credit card. If your company has been approved for credit, upon checking out you will see an option for invoicing via Net 30 terms. If you do not see the Net 30 option, but wish to be approved for credit, a credit application may be completed and sent back to EWA. Pre-payment by check, pre-established draw-down account, and via provision of a purchase order may also be arranged by contacting EWA’s Accounting office in advance.

How can I obtain a copy of the invoice (order) for a service EWA recently charged my credit card or invoiced me?

Login to your Cevo account and from your Dashboard, view My Orders (yours and other colleagues in your company). Contact Us -- your Spectrum Advisor or EWA’s accounting department -- with any questions or to obtain a copy by email.

I’m used to filling out an FCC Form 601 and emailing or mailing it to you. How do I submit this information to you via Cevo?

EWA created Cevo to simplify and speed up your filing process, and there are three methods for submitting data. See which one fits your needs:

  1. The Cevo Wizard speeds up your data entry, reduces the need to complete every single field found on the FCC Form 601, verifies all required fields are completed accurately, and provides information tips for most fields;
  2. Direct Form Entry, for FCC Form 601 fans who want to complete the official form, and do not require guidance, information tips, or pointers about how the form should be completed; or
  3. Templates you’ve created from scratch or stored from previous applications, to simplify future data entry for scenarios you commonly use.

Login to, or create, your Cevo account to get started. You may also phone, email, fax, or snail mail your requirements – see our Contact Us page for that information.

I’ve been using the NetLicense program to submit my applications to EWA. May I continue doing that?

Cevo replaces NetLicense, and we think you’ll agree Cevo is a much easier and more robust way to provide your applications to EWA. Contact an EWA Spectrum Analyst for a personal introduction. NetLicense will be taken down soon, but please contact us for assistance.

I obtained an FCC Registration Number (FRN) for my customer, the Applicant, but when I entered it in Cevo under FRN Search, it did not appear – why not?

FRNs appear in Cevo only after the FCC first grants a license for that applicant. You’ll want to select the third option in the FRN Search feature, that you have the applicable FRN and “…will enter it….”

As I complete an FCC license application, can I go back and change something on a step already completed? 

A check mark on any Step indicates all of the information required is completed, but you may change that data as long as the application has not yet been submitted to EWA.  Once the application has been submitted to EWA, but not yet transmitted to the FCC, contact us at 800-482-8282. 

I am completing an FCC license application, and want to skip ahead several steps. How do I do that?

The Cevo Wizard will pre-fill in as much information as possible, based on what you have already provided, so click the “Next” button at the top or bottom of every page to proceed. You may skip around any Step previously visited.

How is my work in Cevo saved? 

Cevo automatically saves your FCC application data as you click “Next,” from page to page. You can additionally click “Save and Exit” at any time, if you’re in the middle of a page and want to come back later (just look for your application in your Dashboard, under “Work in Progress”).

I see a yellow triangle as I’m working on my application. What does the yellow triangle mean?

A yellow triangle identifies any missed step, or portions of a page that need to be completed. When all of the required fields (denoted by a red border around the field) are completed, the yellow triangles disappear. 

What is the small letter “i” next to the fields in Cevo for an FCC Filing (license application)?

The small letter “i” appears in the Cevo Wizard only, and it provides an information tip about the field requirement. For example, in the Schedule H, Step 2 “Location Description” field, the information tip informs you which codes are appropriate, such as “FX-Fixed” if you are doing a repeater, or “MO-Mobile” for just simplex mobile only frequencies.

Will Cevo allow me to note some remarks or upload additional information concerning my application?

Yes, the Step for “Attachments and Waivers” provides a means for adding comments or attaching files so that you can provide instructions or details concerning the application.

Who should be the signor of my FCC license application?

The signor should be a responsible person who is employed by the applicant.  

I chose the Cevo Wizard to complete my application. Can I skip some fields?

Yes. Cevo makes it easy for you to decide how much data to provide. You can stop at any time and click “Hand Over to EWA” (application preparation fee applies) or enter as much data as you have.

I can see in my Dashboard which EWA Analyst is working on my application, but I have questions – how do I contact them?

Please visit our contact page for individual contact details, or 1-800-482-8282, Cevo@EnterpriseWireless.org. Please have your Application ID or Order ID handy.

I’ve logged in to my Cevo dashboard to see who’s working on my application, and I see “EWA Herndon Office” and “EWA Emmitsburg Office.” Who is this and what does it mean?

This is EWA’s way of showing you that your application has been received by EWA and entered into Cevo by a member of staff from one of our two offices. Further, you will be receiving an “Application Received” email confirmation with the applicant’s name in the subject line, signaling you that we have begun the process of working on your application.

I plan to use Cevo Pro because it will permit me to apply my knowledge and experience of local market conditions. What tools does Cevo Pro provide that will enable me to select the “best” shared channels for my customers?

EWA developed “Cumulative Overlap Percentage” to determine the general suitability of one shared frequency over another. Using your requested system parameters, Cevo will first identify channels that are available for certification in compliance with the FCC’s operational and technical rules, and will then rank the available channels by determining the gross cumulative percentage overlap of all co-channel interfering contours that penetrate the proposed system’s predicted service area. For example, one co-channel interfering contour may overlap your customer’s service area by only 5%, and a second co-channel system may overlap your customer’s predicted service area by 50%.  The cumulative overlap would be reported as 55% for that particular channel. Other available channels that report significantly higher levels of cumulative overlap may not be the best choices. In all cases, we recommend that you review as well the list of co-channel licensees that are also automatically available through Cevo Pro, to help you determine which channels may be optimum. Co-channel user lists may be accessed on the same page where cumulative overlap results are reported, and the same page where you may make your frequency selections. User details include technologies is use, user classes and other relevant information. With your local knowledge, coupled with cumulative overlap and co-channel user information at your fingertips, the process of selecting shared channels is significantly improved. 

I have questions not covered in this FAQ. Who can help me?

We love questions, and even better, we love answering them! Select one of the following that best suits your needs:

If I enter my credit card information in Cevo, is it kept secure?

Yes! Cevo is compliant with Payment Card Industry standards for credit card security. Whether you store your credit card information in Cevo, or provide it to EWA for each application, EWA systems do not store your sensitive information. Instead, Cevo communicates directly with a third-party payment processing network provider, who connects to your credit card company for the encryption and tokenization of your card information. Cevo stores only the unintelligible token, plus last four digits of your card, plus your name and expiration date. Your complete card information is neither seen nor stored by EWA or any of its systems.