What's New In Cevo


  • Try Cevo Go® to secure certified frequencies in hours or minutes! Cevo Go is now available online and as a mobile app. Submit just eight data points to receive certified frequencies today.


  • The new Cevo Go mobile app launches, allowing you to submit just eight pieces of technical data in order to receive certified frequencies within minutes or hours, not days or weeks. One low rate covers everything, including FCC fees.


  • In preparation for a major upcoming product announcement, more up to the minute information Dashboard include: View Current Application Statuses – i.e. Submitted to EWA, Submitted to FCC, FCC – Awaiting Response, Accepted, Granted, etc.; view each Application’s Service selection – i.e. Express, Solo, Pro; and your assigned Spectrum Advisor along with their email address and phone number.
  • Enhancements to the controls and interface for File Attachments include: ability to View the file after upload; delete attachments; and increased file size limit.
  • The frequency and location table in Cevo (Schedule H, Step 2) now supports adding more than 20 rows of data at a time.


  • Associate up to 5 billing contacts to receive credit card receipts, and invoices via email.


  • Cevo Pro users: EWA delivers on your request! Coordination result details are now sorted by frequency, distance, call sign, and emission designators to simplify your review of the incumbent environment. Click the “Details” button for each antenna location. Cevo Pro users looking for simplicity can simply select the frequency with the lowest “Cumulative Overlap” from the main coordination results page.
  • Users modifying call signs with numerous frequencies, sites, or emissions no longer have to wait for the information to load into their application. A new pop-up alert informs them they may safely proceed with other activities in Cevo, while the application is building in their dashboard.


  • More efficient customer data entry, including improvements to template creation (removal of prior app call sign and file number).
  • Streamlined transaction notifications. We are continuing to improve upon our process for which customers receive invoices and/or receipts of Cevo ordes, e.g., credit card customers will only receive receipts after credit card transaction is successful (not for declined transactions).
  • New changes to what will be displayed on the Form 601 application PDF for Modification filings. EWA will now mirror the FCC’s Reference Copy by only displaying the exact changes that are being submitted to the Commission in your PDF.


  • New single credit card payment process, reduces the number of times credit card is charged during order processing.  A single credit card transaction will occur after EWA submits the application to the FCC or the appropriate public safety coordinator, for which one receipt will be generated at that time.
  • Receive more frequent and informative emails throughout the application process. Receipt email will only be transmitted once the credit card is charged, after Spectrum Analyst completes order processing.  Invoice emails will be transmitted when EWA finalizes the application charges.
  • Net30 Customers will now receive emailed receipts when payment has been received and processed.
  • Provide additional contact email addresses within your organization to receive copies of credit card receipts or invoices. 
  • Enhancements to customer orders page to allow for easier searching, additional fields and the ability to easily toggle between My Orders and Company Orders.
  • Enhanced payments page allows for quick view of payments applied to processed orders.  Quickly search by order number, payment amount, date or PO number.
  • Print or download copies of all your company invoices and receipts from within Cevo.
  • Print a copy of your Cevo work at any time, as an FCC Form 601 application for your reference. 


  • Enhancements to emailed credit card payment receipt and Net 30 invoice layouts, to better associate charges with application data.


  • View details of completed orders and applications in progress created by colleagues within your company.
  • Multiple credit cards may now be saved to your Cevo profile as you checkout. (Credit card data is encrypted, tokenized, and managed automatically, in accordance with card industry standards.)
  • Provide purchase order, check number, or other order processing numbers necessary for EWA's invoice or receipt to you.
  • Provide standing instructions to your EWA spectrum advisor about billing or order handling, e.g., "use credit card 123 for scenarios abc, else, invoice us Net 30."
  • If you prefer a dedicated EWA spectrum advisor be assigned to your company, Cevo ensures all your applications are routed accordingly to your advisor.

Earlier Updates in 2015 

  • Store most-often used application information via Templates.
  • Cevo Pro users can see the Cumulative Overlap Percentage as a simple way to select the most suitable frequencies.
  • Dashboard enhancements provide more filters to assist searching for your in-progress and completed applications.
  • Renew your EWA membership directly in Cevo, and sign up for License Management and Premier Reporting.

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